Frequently asked Questions

The physical VIRTULLEUM in the Tulln Town Museum is the starting point for your town expedition. In the VIRTULLEUM, you can see the original museum objects and can borrow a tablet with the VIRTULLEUM app installed.

The Tulln Town Museum (VIRTULLEUM and Roman Museum) is closed from November to March. However, there is no need to visit it, because the VIRTULLEUM is open all year long! For a virtual visit, simply download the free VIRTULLEUM app (from the Google Play or app stores).

Yes, anytime. Download the free VIRTULLEUM app (from the Google Play or app stores) and start your town expedition. Enter the station number given on the information sign into the app and find out more!

You can get the map of the locations of VIRTULLEUM stations on the VIRTULLEUM website, in the app, or in the folder. The stations are marked with signs and are easy to find.

Visiting the stations is free!
Exceptions: From some stations you will be guided to museums that charge an entrance fee. These include the Roman Museum and the historical documentation of the Dominican Convent in the Tulln Town Museum (1b, Marc-Aurel-Park), the Austrian Sugar Museum in Town Hall (1 Minoritenplatz) and the Egon Schiele birthplace (Tulln Station). Opening hours and prices are listed at the respective stations.

Downloading the VIRTULLEUM app (from the Google Play or app stores) is free.
Renting a tablet with the installed VIRTULLEUM app costs 3 euros. Tablets are available at the museum cash desk in the Tulln Town Museum. A photo ID is required as a security deposit.

Basically, yes. A smartphone with an Android operating system (version 6.0.1 or later) or iOS (version 11 or later) is required. Certain contents require ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android). Please consult your smartphone or tablet producer if your device supports this function.
Android and iOS users can get further information here.

Yes.  An Internet connection is necessary to download the VIRTULLEUM app and its contents (images, videos, maps, etc.).

Yes, the VIRTULLEUM app can be used anytime, anywhere. Bear in mind that your visit to a station will only be "stamped" if you actually go there and have the location service activated on your smartphone or tablet.

You can join a group for a shared town expedition experience.
Here is how it's done: one person rolls the dice. The other group members enter the dice value into their devices – and can embark on their tour of Tulln!

Yes, you can roll the dice again by pressing the upper left-hand button "new toss" in the menu of the VIRTULLEUM app.

Yes, you can. Enter any station number in the VIRTULLEUM app on your device or choose any object you like as a starting point. All VIRTULLEUM stations can be seen on the digital map, including those that were not determined by dice toss. 

You will receive a "stamp" for each station you visit. The location service on your smartphone or tablet must be activated. There's a surprise waiting for you when you've visited all five stations.

It takes about 15 minutes to get the full picture of any given VIRTULLEUM station. That makes about 1 hour and 15 minutes for five stations, not including the walking distances between the stations.

If you want to know your location at a particular moment, click on the arrow symbol on the upper right screen margin in the map of the VIRTULLEUM app. 
You must activate the location service in your smartphone or tablet settings and allow the app to access the service, if required.