Welcome to the website of the VIRTULLEUM-App!

To experience the Virtulleum you need to download a free app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play to your smartphone or tablet. Follow the instructions given in the app to start your personal town expedition.

This website provides you with basic information on how the app works. Detailed historical information about Tulln and interviews with contemporary witnesses will be added to the website in the course of the year 2020.

Enjoy your personal town expedition!

You can download the free VIRTULLEUM app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

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The VIRTULLEUM is an exciting expedition into the history of the town of Tulln.

"VIR" is for "virtual": the VIRTULLEUM provides infomation in a virtual format, more specifically via the VIRTULLEUM app and on the website.
"TULL" is for "Tulln": the VIRTULLEUM explains how Tulln became the town that it is today. 
"EUM" is for "Museum": the VIRTULLEUM links historically significant objects from the Town Museum's collection with places in Tulln. 

The history of Tulln is best told by the town itself.
The VIRTULLEUM app and the history dice will take you to inspiring places rich in history.

Go on your own, individual town expedition. A special experience awaits you:

  • We shall take you to selected spots in town and draw your attention to exciting details.
  • For example, with the help of replicas you can travel to the Tulln of the Roman era.
  • You will meet people who lived in Tulln when the town was still very different from what it is now.
  • You will be amazed by panorama images of Tulln in former times.
  • Find out what these objects tell us and what makes them so special that they were preserved.
  • You can also take an exciting look into the future:  Inhabitants of Tulln tell people who will live here in 200 years about present-day Tulln.
  • The VIRTULLEUM is for everyone who wants to learn more about the town of Tulln and is looking for an entertaining program.

Download the VIRTULLEUM app, watch the introductory film and start your individual town expedition. Then choose how you want to enter the tour:

1. Enter the station number: If you want more information on a particular object or its location in Tulln, enter the respective station number.

2. Throw the dice: In order to go on a town expedition full of surprises or to take a look at all the stations on a map, let the dice speak! Roll the virtual dice in the app or the physical dice in the Tulln Town Museum and visit the stations.


Roll the physical dice and scan the result with the camera of your device. Alternatively, roll the digital dice in the app. The app will take you to your selected VIRTULLEUM stations. Your personal town expedition can now begin.


The app will give you detailed information about each VIRTULLEUM station when you get there. You can read the information or choose to have interviews read to you on the headphones. When you've got the information you were looking for, proceed to the next station.

Do you want to see the objects in real life? Welcome to the Tulln Town Museum, the physical starting point of the Virtulleum!

Loads of objects are kept in the Town Museum's collection. It is often by pure accident that these objects – historical witnesses that can now tell us something about the past – were discovered and preserved. The VIRTULLEUM can only give a particular perspective on Tulln's history. The history dice epitomize the idea of coincidence and narrative options.

30 objects from the museum collection were selected for the VIRTULLEUM. The 30 selected objects are pictured on five dice. Each object is connected to a special spot in town. You will find out, for example, what a fibula from the 10th century has to do with the secondary school. Rolling the dice creates a random trip through town; each toss results in different stories relating the town history from a different perspective.

Which stories will your individual dice toss tell? Which objects is it connected to? To which historical location will it take you?

Museum items as witnesses of the past

These 30 museum items date back to different periods. They reflect a broad spectrum of Tulln's town history. The VIRTULLEUM app provides you with detailed interactive information on the items.

Tulln before it became Tulln: from the Neolithic to antiquity

Flourishing Tulln: from the early to the late Middle Ages

Tulln between hayday and downfall: from the Middle Ages to the modern era

Tulln blossoms: the 19th century

Tulln between war and peace: the 20th century