Visitor information

You can start your individual town expedition from any location you want, independent of opening hours. The physical VIRTULLEUM at the Tulln Town Museum is an obvious starting point. The original objects can be seen there. Please note the opening hours listed below for the Tulln Town Museum.
Virtulleum at the Tulln Town Museum 
Marc-Aurel-Park 1b
3430 Tulln an der Donau
Telephone: +43 (0)2272/690-189
Opening hours
The physical VIRTULLEUM at  Tulln Town Museum is currently closed due to Covid-19-related delays in restructuring the Roman Museum.

We are hoping to reopen in August 2020.
Entry fees
Adults: € 4.50
Seniors, conscripts, students, apprentices: € 3.50
Children and teenagers under 19 are free
Tablet rental 
You can hire a tablet for the town expedition at the museum's cash desk: 
The fee is € 3; you will need to deposit a picture ID
Dice sets
Dice sets are available at the museum's cash desk.
School classes and groups
School classes or groups can go on the expedition together for a shared experience. Here is how: a person rolls the dice, then the other group numbers enter the dice symbols into their devices – and can embark on their tour of Tulln!
The VIRTULLEUM app can be downloaded cost-free since 3 October 2019 
Since 3 October 2019, the VIRTULLEUM app can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet cost-free from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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